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Every Yorkie & Silky deserves a happy home
We are proud to be the Dogs Queensland approved rescue contact for Yorkshire & Silky Terriers.

Forever Home Adoption 

It is important to us to ensure that every doggie who joins us never has an unhappy day again, so all our rescue dogs are placed with experienced foster carers to assess the needs of each individual which we then match with their perfect forever home.

Each rescue will be micro-­chipped and receive a full veterinary examination so you will be fully aware of all known health issues and equipped with any medical preparations before you start. We also prefer every rescue dog to be de­‐sexed to ensure that future generations do not inherit any unknown traits or disorders.
To cover the cost of all these procedures and other incidentals we charge a fee for each dog

.......Dear Yorkie Qld,

Thought I would send you an update on Molly. She has settled in completely and is an absolute sweetheart. She brings us both so much joy, I can't imagine not having her now. She has such a sweet nature & loves us both to bits. I wanted to thank you for allowing us to give Molly her forever home with us. The transition was so easy & she settled so well I think, because of the time & care you guys put into her during those days before she came to us. I was really impressed with the way you handled the whole process from my meeting Molly & her carers to bringing her to her new home. It made such a difference that you guys brought her to us , I was worried about how she would feel being put in a car and being driven away by a stranger. It was much less stressful for her the way you did it. She has been my little mate from that moment to this. Thank you again, its wonderful work you are doing for those little dogs. Its lovely to think they will have a happy ending with someone, somewhere thanks to you all at Yorkie rescue.


Linda H

Safe in our hands

Thank you so so much for the update. I am sooooooooo excited for Penny that she is getting along with Taz and has a furever home. What a wonderful gift that Penny’s new parents can get her specialist eye treatment to try and improve her sight. What a wonderful and exciting development. I am so wrapt for Penny. But, alas – I empathise when it comes time to send Penny on her transition with her wonderful new family. But, we are all collectively lucky to have had such a little darling in our lives to leave her dainty little paw prints on our hearts forever. I am overjoyed she has a little companion in Taz.
Thank you so much for the update and I will be so delighted to see a pic of Penny and her new family.
You are angels for  rescuing these delightful little pups.
Thank you so so much.
Kind Regards

Our rescue parents love each dog as their own

Surrender a Yorkie or Silky

If you know of a Yorkie or Silky who needs our help to find a happy, forever home, please contact us & a member of our rescue team will be in touch.


Adopt a Yorkie or Silky

If can provide a loving home for a Yorkie or Silky, please complete & return the form below & we shall contact you when a suitable doggie becomes available.

Foster a Yorkie or Silky

If you can provide a temporary, loving home for a rescue dog, please complete the form below and we shall add you to our foster carers database.

To surrender, adopt or foster a Yorkie or Silky complete form above, print, scan & email to

Re-homed by Yorkie Qld 

2012 Josie

2012 Molly

2013 Penny

2013 Ozzie

2014 Tinky

2015 Misa

2014 Monty

2014 Finnigan

2016 Roxy

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2018 Poppy


2018 Betsy


2019 Freddie


2020 Ricky

2021 Lulu

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2018 Mr Buster


2019 Bella


2020 Holly

2021 Violet


2019 Teddy


2019 Bob


2020 Buster

2021 Gatsby

2021 Timbah

2022 Sweetpea

2022 Coco

2022 Peewee

2023 Niki


2023 Raffi


2023 Lily

2024  Bella 

Happy tails :-)

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