Some random photos - enjoy!

Our Christmas Cards!

2005   "...May your mates be hairy & light...."

2004   Merry Christmas

2006 ...and they looked up & saw a star shining in the East

2008   "We Three Kings of Australia - Are..."

2010   "....May your days be Merry & Bright!"

2012   "Santa Paws is coming to town"

2014    "Hang up your stockings we're on our way!"

2014    "Hang up your stockings we're on our way!"

2014    "Hang up your stockings we're on our way!"


2007   "Bark the Hairy Angels Sing"

2009   "Come on Shepherds - someone's got to be the Lamb?"

2011    " The Holy & the Lively!"

2013   " And so this is Christmas... & what have we done?"

2015    "Bless all the dear children in thy tender care"



More photos :-)

Our Silkie   by Dianne


He’s a little dog, very strong & swift

A nature so happy it’ll give you a lift.

Others much larger when confronted may hide

But not our Silkie, he’ll not leave your side.


Watching & waiting for your love & trust

For adult or child this dog is a must.

A coat so silky, like a long flowing mane

The choice was obvious & so was his name.

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